FDA Webinar: Tobacco Compliance Dates

The FDA posted a webinar today discussing compliance dates for newly deemed tobacco products.  The video is around 16 minutes long and provides some pretty useful tips.  A few of these include:

  • A reminder that SE Applications must be submitted by the appropriate deadlines in order to qualify for the additional 1 year grace period for compliance.
  • A strong recommendation that you should get started on your submissions as soon as possible, especially since you can resubmit a rejected SE application as long as the ultimate deadline has not yet passed
  • A clearer explanation of the FDA’s intended enforcement scheme
  • A reminder that you must submit an Environmental Assessment as part of the compliance regime, a matter that I will cover here in a separate posting.

Truth be told, these webinars are really difficult to watch.  Government bureaucrats don’t make for the most entertaining or engaging speakers, so you really have to have that cup of coffee handy.  I will go a little more in depth into my analysis in an upcoming post, where I will discuss compliance dates and what preparations are necessary to make sure your business can continue to swim through the murky waters of government regulation.

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