Delaplane Law at Cigar Industry Meeting: Miami, FL

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a cigar industry meeting in Miami, FL to discuss the impacts of the FDA’s Deeming Regulation.  It was great to see so many industry leaders coming together to share different perspectives on how we will all get through the initial stages of regulation.  I was fortunate enough to share a table with Cigar Dave, who made lunch much more interesting and provided some unique insight on the FDA rules.  He recapped the meeting on his weekly show here.

Even though many of the manufacturers have very different battles ahead, the big takeaway from this meeting was clear:  the cigar industry must stand united in its approach to dealing with FDA regulation. If you’re a premium cigar manufacturer or just a fan of cigars, head over to the Cigar Rights of America website and join. It’s $35/year for individuals and $200/year for businesses, and joining helps the fight against the ever-encroaching bureaucracy!

Jacob Delaplane
In private practice, Delaplane navigates the labyrinth of government compliance for clients in the agricultural, healthcare, and land development industries. His experience and expertise handling FDA, TTB, and USDA compliance has helped his clients thrive in some of the most heavily-regulated areas of commerce.

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